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Keystone Pallet Rack 

Warehouse Storage Systems

Pallet Rack Surplus Inc. is a top quality provider of various types of pallet racking systems. We carry a wide variety of styles and sizes. 

Pallet Racks are the most popular type of warehouse storage system in today's market. Because of the many options in style, size, and structural options pallet racking is commonly used by high volume warehouses, storage facilities, and distribution centers.  Our knowledgeable sales professionals have years of experience in the industry and can assist you in selecting the perfect racking system for you. We have thousands of beams, uprights, and accessories ready for immediate shipment. If you have any questions, comments or just want to place an order give us a call! You can reach us at 770.929.1100 or you can email our sales department directly at


Keystone Pallet Racking  Beams are less popular than Teardrop pallet rack beams, but are still found in many warehouse storage areas. Sometimes referred to as republic pallet rack, a keystone system features clips that are inserted into the areas of least stress so that the system can bear a high load capacity. The unique design decreases the overall amount of stress on a pallet system and protects against injury and product damage because if torn metal. A keystone pallet rack also uses U-shaped braces in a Z-pattern to add increased strength.

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Keystone Pallet Racking Uprights with punched post design provides the ability to use a boltless beam connector to assemble the horizontal shelf beam to the vertical upright end supports. This makes it an easy-to-assemble storage system for palletized product. Boltless connectors allow for a fast and simple assembly of the beams to the vertical upright supports without the need for bolts, clips or other fasteners. 

Please Email (direct sales line) or call (770) 929-1100 for pricing, availability and lead times. If you don't see what you're looking for, our sales specialists can often find it.

Pricing & availability subject to change without notice.

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